Darkest Dungeon 2 early entry coming to Epic in 2021

“I see one factor prolonged absent inside the sunken faces of passers-by: the glimmer of hope,” the narrator of Darkest Dungeon as quickly as intoned. Properly, there’s hope as soon as extra as a consequence of data of Darkest Dungeon 2 coming to early entry subsequent 12 months.

The sequel to one of many essential compelling roguelike video video games of the earlier ten years, Darkest Dungeon 2 has a model new teaser trailer out, appropriately titled “A Glimmer of Hope.” That phrase has been recontextualised for this trailer, which depicts a world overrun by the darkish forces players encountered beneath the property inside the distinctive.

“You had been correct to fret the world,” the narrator says in his growly bass. “It has gone mad. The gutters brim with poets, and decency lies burning on the road. Nonetheless this is not a time for heroes.” We see acquainted faces: the Man-at-Arms, the Plague Doctor, the Highwayman, the Grave Robber, and the Occultist, all locked in battle with the careworn undead, who’ve invaded the streets of a metropolis. The teaser maintains the distinctive carefully inked mannequin of the first sport, nonetheless the characters look further detailed, and each has refined modifications to their look.

Proper right here’s the teaser:

“Look as an alternative choice to these battered souls who’ve recognized fear and failure in ample portion,” the narrator goes on, “nonetheless rise as soon as extra to reclaim a glimmer of hope from the spreading stain… of the Darkest Dungeon.”

There’s not a whole lot of definitive information inside the trailer: it appears as if the evil that was unearthed beneath the manor inside the first Darkest Dungeon has unfold all through the land, and now it’s your job to comprise it – or a minimum of battle once more in opposition to it.

Darkest Dungeon II will probably adjust to inside the footsteps of its predecessor, which was a party-based RPG sport that challenged you with increasingly more treacherous, procedurally generated dungeons that will verify the bounds of your characters’ our our bodies and minds. The thought was to take care of them alive prolonged adequate to develop sturdy through experience, whereas managing the unfavourable traits they’d lastly accumulate from being uncovered to the horrors of the dungeon too many events.

There’s no company launch date set, all everyone knows now may very well be that Darkest Dungeon II will initially arrive in early entry on the Epic Video video games Retailer.

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