The perfect XCOM 2 mods

Firaxis are up on Bethesda ranges of supporting the modding group right now and whereas they seem to have left the group to their very personal devices, they’ve made it very easy for modders to basically change the complete sport. Exhibiting their dedication to the group, Firaxis really teamed up with Pavonis Interactive (the creators of the distinctive Prolonged Battle mod for Enemy Unknown) to make sure that the modding devices had been as streamlined as they is perhaps sooner than releasing them into the wild.

Underneath is a selection of some of our favourite mods from the venerable turn-based method sport, although it’s worth mentioning it’s a barely fragmented guidelines due to the hardly weird nature of the XCOM 2 DLC library.

The excellence between vanilla XCOM 2 and Battle of the Chosen is considerably bit like evening time and day, so the modding targets for every variations of the game is perhaps pretty utterly completely different. A mod for one acquired’t basically work for the other with out some tinkering. Some mods on our guidelines have variations on the market for every, and we’ve marked them the place associated.

The perfect XCOM 2 Mods

These are among the best XCOM 2 and Battle of the Chosen mods:

Evac All
Soiled’s Loot Mod
Elerium Grounds
Prolonged Battle 2
Musashis RPG Overhaul (WOTC)
On the spot Avengers Menus (WOTC)
Capnbubs Tools Pack (WOTC)
A Greater Creation (WOTC)
True Concealment (WOTC)
Mechatronic Warfare Pack (WOTC)

Evac All

Getting your entire troopers to the evac degree and having to endure the prolonged roping out animation with every definitely one among them is tedious to the aim of torture. Evac All offers a helpful little button that makes every unit throughout the evac zone rope out on the same time. Not solely does it look cooler, it moreover saves in any case a minute. I can’t advocate this enough as a top quality of life mod.

This mod moreover has a Battle of the Chosen variant on the market.

a character loadout screen with stats

Soiled’s Loot Mod

Three phrases: Diablo Mannequin Loot

With new addons that give weapon holders specific perks and expertise along with an entire bunch of current stat boosting addons, that’s good for preserving the sense of menace and reward going throughout the late sport when intel and offers start to actually really feel redundant. And the sheer number of points getting added is astounding:

96 new upgrades for foremost weapons
81 new upgrades for armors
45 new upgrades for pistols
45 new upgrades for swords
87 new upgrades for gremlins
45 new upgrades for psi amps
45 new upgrades for grenade launchers

Soiled has moreover made a PCS Loot Mod that works alongside this and makes the Skulljack useful all by means of the game along with an Alien Rulers Loot Mod, though that requires the Alien Rulers DLC (which each half should have by now for many who’ve purchased Battle of the Chosen).

Speaking of, there could also be moreover a Battle of the Chosen variant for this mod.

Elerium Grounds

Inside the mid to late sport Elerium Cores are as unusual as Bitcoins and the Proving Ground can sit idle for months at a time for many who’re unlucky. And with out modern cores, you’ll fall behind on specific armours, heavy weapons, experimental ammo and grenades. Elerium Grounds permits you to – if you’ve achieved the pre-requisite evaluation – assemble Elerium Cores to your hearts content material materials (for a price).

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It moreover means that you would be able to enhance the Spider and Exo suits, preserving them as professional armor selections for the late sport. Nonetheless, to ensure that you, every parts of the mod are downloadable individually. Whereas it will current a small warning picture when loaded with WotC, it could be carried out with none factors.

a soldier with a tiny gun faces off against a large alien

Prolonged Battle 2 Mod

The (in)well-known Prolonged Battle mod returned alongside the launch of the workshop for XCOM 2. Formally sanctioned by Firaxis themselves, Pavonis Interactive have primarily included an overhaul DLC with out price.

Prolonged Battle 2 consists of an prolonged advertising and marketing marketing campaign, new classes with distinctive expertise and mechanics, new infiltration strategies that require sending out numerous squads, a strategic ADVENT AI, SMG weapons, and new enemies.

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The model new classes have further customisation selections with a third risk on the market at every rank (which is perhaps downloaded individually as a result of the Prolonged Battle Perk Pack). My non-public favourite part of the Prolonged Battle mod are the leaders. Objects is perhaps expert throughout the Guerrilla Teaching School to get specific expertise that revenue the squad. Nonetheless, only one chief is perhaps taken on each mission so it is a should to be careful who you lay the burden on.

For those who want to breathe new life into vanilla, that is a vital mod for you. Pavonis Interactive’s Prolonged Battle mod for Enemy Unknown was unimaginable and so is that this.

XCOM 2 Battle Of The Chosen Mods

On the spot Avenger Menus

Whoosh! Oh, wait, forgot to put one factor throughout the Resistance Ring. Whoosh! Whoosh! Dammit, bond on the market. Whoosh! Whoosh! Evaluation achieved. Whoosh!

You get the thought. Going forwards and backwards between rooms and the geo-scape is perhaps like pulling tooth everytime you’re making an attempt to get one factor executed quick. On the spot Avenger Menus removes the transition animations and easily permits you to get all the way in which all the way down to enterprise to defeat the aliens!

a man in a suit with knives and guns

Musashis RPG Overhaul

Like Prolonged Battle 2, the RPG Overhaul totally changes how the game works. As an alternative of getting a bunch of assorted classes, fashions are in its place put into the Soldier class and likewise you’re able to determine on their expertise for an entire of 98 distinctive expertise. Using the Functionality Components launched in WotC you probably may even enhance points like Nicely being, Dodge, Objective, and Will.

With loads of completely different little tweaks like Troopers being able to make use of any combination of foremost and secondary weapons, equipping secondary weapons as primaries, and introducing a model new rank above Colonel, Musashi’s RPG Pack is good for drastically altering the game. Musashi recommends that you simply simply play with a selection of various mods which may be included on the mod net web page.

CapnBubs Tools Pack

I like making my troopers look distinctive, who doesn’t? And whereas the vanilla selections are alright, CapnBubs pack makes it considerably higher with an excessive amount of helmets, hats, goggles, and face props. And whereas the Halo and Star Wars customisation mods are good, CapnBubs retains to the feel and does an incredible job of blending seamlessly with the rest of the game.

This mod moreover has a vanilla XCOM 2 variant on the market.

a soldier, gun raised eyes closed

A Greater ADVENT

As many mod lovers will know, it’s easy to acquire a bunch of mods after which neglect exactly what you’ve put in. I didn’t really realise that the plethora of current fashions that A Greater ADVENT added had been from a mod as they match with the game’s improvement so seamlessly and which means it actually works utterly. Whereas not one of many fashions ABA offers are overpowered, their expertise is perhaps devastating. The Stun Lancer is a particular bane of mine as a result of the low stage melee unit can most likely knock troopers unconscious collectively along with his cattle prod sword.

True Concealment by Kregano

XCOM 2’s large gameplay changer was the concealment mechanic the place you may switch spherical unseen and get the drop on the enemy. The one drawback with this was that timer missions nonetheless ticked down, which didn’t make sense.

True Concealment fixes that drawback by pausing the timer until you’re revealed, offering you with far more administration over the way in which you technique these missions. It does make the game a bit easier so maintain that in ideas when deciding on the problem.

the spark skill tree screen

Mechatronic Warfare Pack

The SPARK is perhaps most likely probably the most ineffective fashions in XCOM 2. Costing 2 Elerium cores and a load of property to assemble and with its cope with being a tank, the SPARK can merely end up on the scrapheap in its first shootout.

The Mechatronic Warfare Pack vastly improves the SPARK’s utility by combining the SPARK and squad armour and weapon upgrades, reducing the final worth of SPARK fashions. Upgrading the Specialist’s Gremlin and the SPARK BIT on the same time. Supplying you with the facility to rebuild destroyed SPARKs (you perceive, the complete revenue of getting robotic troopers) along with altering the restore bay, instruments slots, and expertise components for the SPARK.

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I principally ignored the SPARK even after having paid for the DLC (Shen’s Ultimate Reward) to get it nevertheless with this mod they’re really pretty superior. Undoubtedly a might want to have.

How one can arrange XCOM 2 Mods

The one issue to remember when modding XCOM 2 is that positive mods solely work for positive variations of the game – though the descriptions and launcher will largely maintain you correct. Study to make certain you’re downloading the suitable one for the mannequin you intend to play.

Steam has a extremely healthful library of XCOM 2 mods, nevertheless you can also head on over to Nexus as properly for many who’d fairly not use the Workshop.

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